Collection: Wax Melts

Also known as candle tarts, are small, scented wax chunks that are used in a wax warmer to release fragrance into a room. They are an alternative to traditional candles and are designed to be used with an electric or tealight-powered wax warmer. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and can be used alone or mixed and matched to create unique fragrance blends. 

They offer a simple and convenient way to fragrance a room, as you don't need to worry about lighting a wick or blowing out a flame. You simply place a wax melt in the warmer, turn it on, and enjoy the fragrance. The fragrance strength can be adjusted by adding more or less wax melts to the warmer. Another benefit of wax melts is that you have a greater variety of scent options available to you, as you can change the wax melts in the warmer as often as you like and easily switch between different scents. Additionally, wax melts are considered as a more affordable and safe alternative to traditional candles, as they do not require a flame, and also they are easier to clean if they spill.