Candle Care

Candle Care


Care needs to be taken to keep your candles looking and smelling great. It is well worth the effort, and you will be rewarded with beautiful candles that burn longer, more evenly and with less smoke.


Here are our 8 tips for the best candle care.


  1. Perfectly Imperfect

Our candles are all hand-poured in small batches. Being handmade and the nature of natural soy wax there may be some small imperfections and changes to the finish of your candle, this is normal and won't affect your burn time. If you notice wax frosting gently buff the surface with a warm cloth. 


  1. Trim those wicks

Trim your wick to around 3-5mm before you light your candle or every 4 hours of burn time. Trimming ensures that the candle will burn evenly and for longer. It will also give a clean and even burn throughout the use of your candle. There are many ways to trim your wick; Sharp scissors, a wick trimmer for when the wick gets too low, or you can pinch the wick with your fingers is if you don’t have the first two items.


  1. All the way to the edge

With container candles ensure first burn melts the soy wax to the edges of your candle the first layer has completely liquified on your first burn. Otherwise, you the solid wax will stay around the side and your candle will ‘tunnel’ on the second burn. We recommend that you burn your candle for a minimum of 3 hours, but you can of course use your judgement.


  1. Pretty to look at

Our decorative candles are designed for ornamental purposes. If you decide to burn your candle, please place it on a heatproof plate protect your surfaces and monitor to avoid wax spill.


  1. Keep it clean

Avoid leaving any debris in your wax pool as the candle will start to smoke and can leave soot marks around your home. Therefore, we recommend that you trim your wick, occasionally the burnt wick will fall into the molten wax creating smoke and an unpleasant smell.


  1. Burn time

Keep an eye on your soy candle the whole time that it is burning and only burn for 4 hours at a time with container candles or 1 hour for ornamental candles. This prevents any risk of damage and wax spillage, but also gives you the opportunity to check the candle to ensure it is burning correctly.


  1. Hot stuff

Please remember that soy candle wax and containers get hot! Make sure that you do not touch the wax or container of a burning candle. Give the candle plenty of time to cool down after burning before touching to ensure that you do not burn yourself.

We recommend that you burn all candles on a heat proof plate to protect your surfaces and you might want to burn your candle to the very last speck of soy wax, you can safely melt the wax to the last ½ inch and snuff the candles out.


8. Please remember... 

Never leave your candle unattended and always keep your candle out of reach of children and pets and keep away from flammable objects and drafts.