Mother's Day Gift Idea - Wax Melt Gift Set

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Wax Melt Gift Set

So on top of the million other jobs that I do I have decided to keep you lovely people updated with a blog. Once every couple of weeks I will add some insights, basically whatever pops into my head. To kick things off I thought I would introduce our new wax melts and gift set! 

If I am honest I never used to use wax melts, I couldn't see the point, I was a candle buyer. Then I kept seeing them and people were suggesting that I should do them. Finally I cracked and my word! Not only have they sold so well but once I started burning them I was addicted. I honestly do not think that there is now a day where I do not burn melts. Don't get me wrong I do still love my candles there is nothing more relaxing than lighting one (or 5) and relaxing after hectic day, but the scent throw is stronger with melts because the flame doesn't burn the oil and I love having different scents in each room. 

I have now created a whole range of wax melts. These have all been tested rigorously, I have added as much fragrance oil as I can get away with, and they are so strong. We have fourteen different scents in Woody, Citrus or Floral and they all pack a punch. After some research we also found that some people prefer wax pearls to squares, so all of the scents are available in both depending on what you prefer to use. 

Finally with Mothers day on the horizon It can be so difficult to buy gifts (especially Mother's or the Mother-in-law) so we have created a wax melt gift set to make things a bit easier. Each gift set comes with a pack of three wax melts from either the Floral, Woody or Citrus collection and you can select if you would like pearls or squares. Keeping in line with our sustainability theme we have now moved to biodegradable bags for the melts too.

The great thing about melts is they are a really cost effective way to make your home smell beautiful. Our melts are normally £3.99 but the gift set offers a slight discount at £9.99 for three pack. I have marketed these as a great Mother's day gift but these are a great way to maybe test fragrances you haven't tried before, or just because you are a melt lover and want to enjoy the discount. 

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Thank you for all of your support. 



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