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Silver Gilded Oyster Shell Candle Set

Silver Gilded Oyster Shell Candle Set

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Unwind with our silver gilded oyster shell candles gently fragranced with a scent of your choice. These unique stylish shells will be the talking point of any room which is why they are stocked in Caviar House Prunier’s flagship store in Piccadilly.


All of our shells are recycled and up-cycled from restaurant waste meaning that we are reducing landfill one shell at a time. Each and every oyster shell candle is handmade and poured by us and finished with silver gild applied by hand. Our Oyster candle range now has a beautiful brushed gold logo plaque displayed for that extra touch of elegance.


Our Oyster shell candles are fragranced with the a scent of your choice.


We use a Soy Coconut wax blend. 
Soy and Coconut wax has many benefits. Candles made with a coconut blend burn the cleanest compared to other types of wax. It has a superior scent throw so your candle will have a stronger fragrance. Coconut blend wax also burns slower compared to other waxes so your candles will burn and last longer. 


Our candlers and hand poured in small batches to insure freshness. For sustainability our packaging consists of recycled cardboard kraft boxes, tissue paper and natural cotton string.


  • We recommend you keep your oysters for decoration, however if you do choose to burn our candles use a Jesmonite or heat proof plate to avoid spillages on your surfaces.
  • Burn time up to 2 hours but this will vary on shell size 
  • All of our candles are individually hand poured, vegan and eco-friendly.
  • made with cruelty -free, sustainably sourced with a soy and coconut blend wax, and natural unbleached cotton wicks.
  • 70g
  • 9-11cm (L) approx 
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